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U Shaped Sausage Clip B1 B2 B3

1. This kind of clip is used in POLY, TIPPERTIE or other clipping machines. Each technical target advanced import level. Specification and type are complete, can adopt to kinds of tying machines.

2. Multiple modes can be made according to customers demand and color clips are available.

3. Application: widely used in flexible packaging sealing, such as emulsion explosive charge machine, silicone Rubber glue, sausage filling.

Product Details

Aluminum Packing U Clips For Food Sausage Details:

1.Used for a variety of different purposes but predominantly in the meat processing industry for packaging of sausages, salamis, etc. Mostly these clips are used by small to medium size meat processing plants.

2. Suitable for use with pneumatic clippers which use compressed air to close the clip, as well as manual machines which are operated with the help of a lever.

3.Besides meat processing, U-clips are also used in other fields of industry. One of these is the food processing industry where clips are used to seal bags and nets which can contain fruit or vegetables (apples, oranges, potatoes, etc.).

4.One of the most important applications of U-clips is in the preparation of repromaterials for the meat processing industry. The clips are used to seal one end of the casing and so facilitate the production process.


SizeWidthHeightInner widthWire diameter
B114 (±0.2) mm12 (±0.1) mm9 (±0.1) mm2.5mm
B214 (±0.2) mm14 (±0.1) mm9 (±0.1) mm2.5mm
B314 (±0.2) mm16 (±0.1) mm9 (±0.1) mm2.5mm

Packaging details:

Model Pieces/spool Spools/carton Pieces/carton

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