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How To Open The Sausage Clamp

In fact, sausages are also a snack that many people like very much in our daily lives. There are many flavors of sausages, but no matter which flavor of sausages, we need to open them before eating. When we open it, there must be no scissors or knives around us. At this time, we must bite it with our teeth, and then we bite it off. If it is not good, the outer packaging of the sausage may not be opened. Today, the Semi-Automatic Clipper wholesaler will introduce you a small method, these methods can quickly open the sausage without teeth and without biting.

The difference between sausage R clips and sausage U clips.jpg

We found this dotted line on the ham sausage and found this Sausage Clip. Then take a small toothpick on the table, you can still wear it from here, or you can pull it straight to the end. Use this method to find the dotted line and pierce the toothpick through the gap so that it can be easily pulled out by sliding it down. In this way, the sausage can be peeled directly from the inside. Is this method simple? We only need a small toothpick to completely peel the sausage.

Do you think you have learned a skill? In fact, many netizens regret this after reading this article. After knowing this little recipe, we pulled the toothpicks to the end when we went to the mall. Very good, isn't it simple and convenient?