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How to Use U-shaped clip

U-shaped clamps are usually used with Double-Card Sealing Machine and can be used for ham sausage, sealant and both ends of explosive packaging.

The tightness of the U-shaped clip is sufficient, which may require storage performance of the sealed process medium. In addition, the U-shaped clip can also be used in conjunction with a corrosion-resistant double-card sealing machine. All technical indicators exceed the level of similar imported products, which can meet the use of various punches, and the models and specifications are complete.

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This sealing machine is widely used in special equipment for sealing technology such as both ends of ham sausage, sealant, and explosive packaging. Its function is to fix the specified type of clip at both ends of the sealing process. After the clamp is tightened, it has sufficient tightness, so the storage performance of the sealed processing medium is required. Clip and card double card sealing machine is a necessary equipment for food processing plants.