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Automatic food meat  sausage Clipping Machines

 Aluminum wire clips, clipped tighly and in good shape like a heart. Cut sausage casing automatically, the stretch distance can be adjusted and can work with any type of fillers to realize automatic production

  The clipping speed of  CSK-15 is adjustable, from 1~9 level. The maximum speed of single working is 100 times/min

  Using aluminum wire for clipping,refuel time is adjustable

  Can use for sausage with Semi-perimeter:25~160mm.K1~K4 mold change freely

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  All model have antomatic lubricate function,refuel time is adjustable

  Can set whole machine automatic lubricate and automatic refuel system

  With antomatic cutting function,cutting amount is adjustable from 0~9

  Stretching distance is level adjustment from 45 to 100mm,can meet the request of different kind of sausage

  Can connected with vacuum filler,achieve antomatic production

  The height of the clipping center is adjustable from 920~1060mm

  CSK-15 connected with vacuum filler, the production speed can achieve 120pcs/min

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