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Advantages of Pneumatic Aluminum-Coil Dual Clipper

Pneumatic Aluminum-Coil Dual Clipper is a proprietary product in China,Through air as drive and PLC as control core. It has many features such as: simpleness operation, safety and credibility, good waterproof and long life and so on. This machine has cutting and memory count so that convenient operation, high speed and efficiency, low power consumption. The machine can oil with hand pump and join to fillers which are domestic and overseas.

Aluminum Clip Wire Manufacturer pointed out that this pneumatic manual gate cutters can close and cut heavy-duty woven acrylic and polyethylene plastic bags, plastics, multilayer laminates, and heavy-duty packaging step by step. They help the operator to collect the neck of the bag before clamping to safely seal the product bag, thereby increasing production volume and efficiency.

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