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The introduction of meat mixer

The meat mixer adopts parallel double-shaft structure. The mixing shaft is equipped with sloping paddles and screw-propelled mixing rings. The materials move in a circular motion while turning in the sloping bucket to make the mixing of various materials more uniform and achieve good mixing effects.

Our meat mixer adopts dual-speed and dual-power, and chooses different operation modes for mixing according to the type and process of the stuffing to be mixed. It can be single-axis discharge or dual-axis simultaneous discharge.

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Using advanced computer control, the mixing method,mixing time, and mixing interval time can be set according to process requirements, and automatic operation can be performed.

The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and beautiful. The vacuum degree can be set arbitrarily. Make the materials work under a good vacuum. Comply with food hygiene standards.