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Features of sausage wire binding machine

Features of sausage wire binding machine

1.The work intensity of the workers is alleviated.The operator only needs to put the intestines after filling into the feeding port of the sausage wire binding machine,and the machine will automatically complete the feeding and ligation process of the sausage.

2.The efficiency of producing sausages is greatly improved.Under normal circumstances,the efficiency of automatic sausage tethering is:1000 strips/min,which can be arbitrarily set within the range of 0-1000 strips/min according to customer requirements.

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3.The sausage wire binding machine has the characteristics of clean and environmental protection.Since the equipment is mainly made of SUS 304 stainless steel suitable for food,the sausage in the production process are not exposed to other metal,so the sausages produced are more in line with the increasingly strict hygiene requirements of people.

4.The sausage wire binding machine is very simple to operate.Thanks to the LCD touch screen of human-machine dialoue,after setting the length and speed,the machine can automatically and efficiently complete all work.