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Advantages of using Aluminum Clip

Aluminum clips are designed for sealing meat and dairy products, as well as other types of bulk products in hose nets and shells used for clipping. If necessary, a loop is placed under the clip. The use of one or another type of paper clip depends on the products and the shell used.

Taken together, the advantages of using Aluminum Clip closures are:

First, it is particularly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Second, the strength and hardness can reach the standard, and it will not easily break. Third, the ductility is good, and it can be made thin, saving material and reducing weight. Fourth, cheap. Aluminium is a metal that is easy to recycle and has a greater value than steel. It can achieve a good cycle and prevent waste. If it is replaced by plastic products, the first is insufficient strength, and the second is unrecyclable (meaningless) and difficult to degrade, but it will cause more serious pollution.

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Aluminum Clip

First, the ham sausage should have the shape of a bowel, not a flat package. The packaging has some heat shrinkage and looks more beautiful, so there are not many sealing options. Secondly, aluminum itself is not a rare metal, and the domestic annual output is close to 40 million tons. Finally, although you think it is wasted on aluminum, the packaging of ham sausage is called Sausage Casing. The material is compounded from PVDC. This should be the best preservation technology currently in existence. PVDC has been used to replace polyethylene as a cling film abroad.

At present, the domestic level is still at the PE level. He kept information in this regard. The aluminum surface is oxidized in the air to form a relatively stable and dense oxide film. Also, it is relatively light. Aluminum is an easily recyclable metal with a higher recovery rate than steel. It can achieve good circulation and prevent waste. If you switch to plastic products, the first is insufficient strength, and the second is non-recyclable (meaningless) and difficult to degrade, which will cause more serious pollution.

Aluminum has a compact structure, light texture and beautiful color, so it is often used as a packaging material, especially for substances with a long fragrance emission period. Therefore, we often see that most of the flavored substances are packaged with aluminum foil outside, mainly because the aluminum foil has a compact structure and the fragrance will not evaporate in a short time. However, when used as food packaging, the direct contact surface with food does not easily becomes aluminum foil because it causes passivation.