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The application of aluminum clip wire

The aluminum clip wire uses high-quality aluminum as raw materials, and the aluminum purity is 99.7%. It will not produce heat and sparks during use, to ensure safety.

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The diameter of aluminum clip wire is 2.2mm-2.9mm, can be customized for other models, tensile strength 110-130, to ensure sealing performance.

The normal model is as follows:

Model:Ф2.10mm-4kg                         Model:Ф2.30mm-8kg

Specification:Ф1.80mm-3.07mm                 Specification:Ф2.20mm、Ф2.45mm

Aluminum clip wire has good toughness and high sealing degree, and is widely used in sealing equipment for flexible packaging such as civil explosive industry, ham sausage, silicone glue, resin anchoring agent and so on.