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Aluminum Great Wall Clips for Sausage Casing

Aluminum Great Wall shaped R-Clips Packaging Strapping Clips For Chemicals and Foods

1.Widely used on Sausage,Ham,Poultry,bakery Product,Dairy products,Ready meals,Explosive,Sealing compounds,Pet food;

2.We have complete specifications,such as 15-07, 15-08, 15-09, 15-15, 18-08, 18-09, 18-10, 18-11, 18-12...Clips can be made according to your demand;

3.Different materials and different hardness of clips can be offered to you; 

4.Many sizes can be used with any manufacturer's clippers,quite convenient; 

5.Well used for sausages,fruits,garlic,edible fungus,anchoring agent and supermarket.

6.Clean and smooth surfaces;Maintaining the value of the machine;Food safety

R clips.jpg

Packaging Details

15-07 5*1.5 30000pcs/carton Gross weight:15kg

 15-08 5*1.5 30000pcs/carton Gross weight:16kg

 15-09 5*1.5 25000pcs/carton Gross weight:14kg

 18-09 5*2 20000pcs/carton Gross weight:18kg

 18-10 5*2 20000pcs/carton Gross weight:19kg

Our company as a Custom Sausage Clip Factory in China ,if you need that pls contact us.