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How to choose the sausage clipper?

One of the types of equipment that can significantly increase the production of sausages, are sausage clippers. When choosing this type of equipment, any manufacturer has questions about how to be guided when choosing a sausage clipper:

1) the  brand name of the manufacturer;

2) type of sausage clipper (manual, semi-automatic, automatic);

3) the  versatility of the clipper when working with various types and diameters of shells;

4) the   cost of the clipper and consumables.

Before contacting the equipment supplier company, the manufacturer needs to formulate the terms of reference, which reflects the following issues:

•Range of products ;

•Volume of production ;

•Types of shell used ;

•Type of clipper ;

•Equipment of imported or domestic production;

•New or remanufactured equipment.