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Notes on the great wall clips design

When installing the Great Wall clips, the operator mainly judges whether the buckle installation is in place through the feel and sound, so the following points need to be paid attention to when designing:

1.Choose the right deformation.Great Wall clips is installed through deformation and rebound of fasteners.Too small deformation is easy to cause insecure installation,If the deformation is too large, it will easily cause installation difficulties or even installation failure, which will damage the clips.

Notes on the great wall clips design.jpg

2.When designing, pay attention to make the Great Wall clips appear some obvious phenomena such as changes in sound and feel when it is installed in place.

3.When designing, pay attention to the number of constraints of the Great Wall clips. Too many constraints place higher demands on the machining accuracy of the part. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be incomplete or impossible.

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