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ausage casing closure------ sausage clips or yarn

Anyone who produces sausage must close it - set. Previously, there was only one way, namely to knot the sausages with sausage yarn at both ends and while still kneading the suspension loop by hand. Meanwhile, the sausage clip closure is very common.

ausage casing closure.jpg

The sausage clip closure has the advantage that it can close the intestine very tightly and the method is very fast. This saves a lot of working time.  The sausage clip can be closed manually, semi or fully automatically clipper.

In addition, there are different types of clips, which are each better for artificial casings or better for natural casings. The disadvantage is the cost of the machines and the clips, which are more expensive than sausage yarn. 

Another factor is the appearance of the cured sausage compared to the clipped goods. Although the clip closure is now largely established, but it looks less "artisanal" than a sausage tied with yarn.